Welcome to my blog. Below you'll find a section for each major category in which I post, followed by a full list of every entry. This way, those interested in my tech-related posts don't have to wade through guide dog items to find what they're looking for, and if you're not sure what you're after, you can use the "All Posts" section. Screen reader users: tag sections are level 2 headings, while the section listing all entries is at level 1 with each post below it at level 2.

Some posts share multiple tags, so may appear in more than one section. Also, some posts include tags not listed in the below sections. The following highlight major, categorical tags that each of my posts will include, but I'll often include other tags for organizational purposes that I don't consider "major".

Technology-Related Posts

These are all the posts I've written that relate to technology. A lot of my Apple-specific writing goes straight to AppleVis, so you won't find too much here that's related to Apple. There's plenty to see, though, so have a look!

Guiding Eyes Adventures

This category is for my Guiding Eyes adventures, from getting my first dog to random thoughts and jaunts I've had since coming home with him.


This section is any thoughts on health, diet, exercise, and similar topics. I don't write about this very much, but every so often I have something to say in this space.


The posts under this category all relate to religion, obviously. If you read them, I very strongly encourage you to do so with an open mind and with as few preconceptions and biases as you can manage. You'll get more out of them that way and will be less likely to hunt me down and yell at me.

Miscellaneous Ramblings

As you probably figured, this section is for random, miscellaneous thoughts. Maybe they barely fit into other categories, so they have the relevant tag as well as being marked as miscellaneous; maybe they have nothing to do with anything. This is a fun section: you never know what you might find.

All Entries

Below are links to all my posts, no matter their tags. For easy navigation, each post title is a level 2 heading, and links to that post. Following the heading is a summary of the post.

A Week with Caleb (August 24, 2014)

It’s now been a week since Caleb arrived at our home. So far, Cosby has handled things quite well, though the novelty wore off

#Caleb (August 18, 2014)

Caleb arrives today! No, I’m not replacing Cosby–he’s still doing fine. My sister is returning from Guiding Eyes today with her first guide

#Rutherford (August 16, 2013)

Several months ago, my sister volunteered to be in a play. This was not an official production or a project from a theater professor

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